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I’ve been playing with family history and recording our family stories for over two decades. It started with getting many stories from my grandparents and collecting their photos and writing those stories down.  There have been several people on my mother’s side that have done the genealogical work and had some great documentation.  My father’s side was another story.  That’s when I decided to work with the professionals with FOREVER Family Research.  They uncovered my father’s family and they were able to find information on my great-grandparents who I didn’t even know their names. The big thing was finding pictures from the naturalization papers they had for me and uploaded into my account.  I’ve loved being able to have all my photos and documents in one place.  I’ve also been able to include the stories with them and now I can pass this work down to future generations.  It’s a game changer!  

The other part is being able to share these files with a link or QR code or I can set other family members up to help me with this work and add information in one place. You can see below an excerpt from my FOREVER Storage account where I store my photos and documents since they are triple backed up and I am able to access them from any digital device.  This is my grandfather and I am able to write the stories in the description and then nest albums of his parents along with all the documentation all in one place. 

If you’d like to hear more about this just click HERE to view a video or to get lots of great tips and ideas join us for our annual and virtual Family History Event which is free on February 25th from noon ET – 3 pm ET.  Just register HERE. Feel free to share with your genealogy friends and groups too – everyone is welcome!

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