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Valentine’s Day Gifts & Cards

Happy Valentine’s Day – Well it’s a month away – but why not start today and quickly create a personal and unique gift for your loved ones!  It’s really just a click or two and you’ll be done.  You can have it shipped directly to your loved one as well if they live across the country.  There is a class on Monday, January 16th at 7 pm CT/8pm ET and it is virtual.  Just register HERE to receive the zoom link and see some of the options you can make or click HERE

Your child can have cute and personalized cards for his classmates – just let me know what you want and I’ll be glad to create the perfect cards for their classroom.  Don’t forget the teacher either – I have some great ideas for them as well as grandparents or your special Valentine. I’d love to chat, so reach out to set up a time that works for you but allow at least 2 weeks for shipping. 

There will be gift making classes throughout the year, and to help you plan ahead, I’ve included a link to a gift giving guide to help you think about the different gifts you can create for your friends and family this year.  Collect your favorite photos and they will love their personalized and beautiful gifts!  


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