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Are you tired of moving box after box of stuff you’re not even sure what’s in it or what I sometimes refer to as the scary box because you know it’s full of old photos, videos, slides, reel to reels, and negatives but have no idea what to do with it?  You’re not alone!  Most of my clients are just like you and I am here to help!  It’s the perfect time while the weather is cold and the beginning of a new year to get rid of the scary box.  Many turn to cleaning out and getting organized this time of year and I have a solution for you.  

The first thing you want to do is gather all your old media and scary boxes, shoe boxes, and tubs in one place.  Then go through and I am sure you will find many things that can be thrown away, but the old media you can no longer see – like who still has a DVD player much less a VHS player or projector?  A quick way to resolve this issue is to order a FOREVER Box – you can fill it with all your old media and then it will be digitized so you can relive those memories.  You can check out how this works HERE and then order the box that’s right for you.  I’d encourage you to chat with me prior so I can assist you with the best deal and right now your deal is 40% off but that only lasts a few days.  If you have larger photos or memorabilia you will want to order a Specialty Box and if just slides, negatives, reel to reel, videos the Standard Box will work.  

I loved when I received my videos of a reel to reel I found as I had no idea it would be a video of me as a baby with my parents and grandparents.  I had never seen this footage.  I have watched it over and over and shared it many times.  It was a treasure that had been lost and now is found!  I hear these stories from clients too!  Isn’t it time to do the same?  I promise you that our professionals care for your videos as if they’re your own.  Check out HERE the stories from those that digitize your media. It’s done with love and you will immediately be able to see the videos in your account once they are digitized and then they are mailed back to you.  

So do you want to see the surprise video I found after I had this reel to reel digitized that was over 60 years old?  Enjoy!

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