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September 2023 Client Newsletter

A Line from Lisa

It’s my birthday month, yes, I said month!  I think after 60 years of age you should definitely make it a month long celebration! So, in honor of my birthday month, everyone that makes a $25 or more purchase this month will go in a drawing to win a $100 FOREVER gift certificate!  If you are a CLUB Member you will get an extra chance, and you will get a chance for every purchase you make over $25 this month.  Are you in? This could come in handy for your holiday cards and/or gifts.

Also lots of great things are happening this month including my weekend retreat. Feel free if local or within driving distance to come and get your projects done and photos organized!  It will be a fun weekend and I’m available to assist you with any of your projects as well. It is September 28 – October 1st. Come to all or part of it – just register here.

Also don’t miss out on the company Milestone Moments event that is free and all about ideas for the Holiday season.  You can register here and it will be recorded if you’re unable to attend in person on September 16 from noon – 1pm ET.  

I will be attending the Creating Keepsakes event at the Renaissance in Tulsa, OK the weekend of Sept 22 & 23 and if you happen to be there, feel free to stop by the booth and say hi.  Looking forward to sharing FOREVER with others, and don’t forget you can do the same, the best thank you I get is when you refer me to a friend.  So don’t forget to get your $20 referral coupon by sharing your Refer a Friend link in your account!


My Current Photo Project: 

OK, I know one of our newest products is a baby blanket, but they work for fur babies too!  I just made this little blanket (30”x40” fleece) for my puppies to enjoy. These blankets are machine washable. So since Daisy & Cupcake love my blanket and curling up on it, I thought I’d get one for them to have all to themselves and I can enjoy my favorite photos of them.

Product Spotlight:

T-Shirt Blankets & Stadium Blankets

Cheer on your favorite athlete with the Team Spirit Outdoor Blanket! This fun take on the T-shirt Blanket is cozy, yet crafted with durable materials making it a must-have for all your outdoor needs! Get great photos of all those t-shirts you love, but don’t want to cut up! You’ll get the look you want without losing a thing. Choose your best pictures, grab digital copies of your team’s logo, and place them all in the photo spots! Enjoy full customization with background choices and text as well!

For the sports fanatic, the sorority sister, the marathon runner, the collector, and everyone in-between. Do you have t-shirts that celebrate events that matter to you, but you don’t want to cut them apart to make a traditional commemorative quilt? Well you’re in luck because the T-Shirt Blanket is exactly what you’re looking for! Take photos of all of those shirts, and plug them in to one of the layouts offered here. Choose between a photo only design, or one with text, and then apply the background color or pattern that you love most, and voila!

Client Events

Make note and check out all events here.  Most events are both virtual and some are in person if you live close to me or virtually if not.  Just register to have your spot reserved or to receive the zoom link.  All dates and times can be seen on the Events page of my website and it is kept updated.

Studio & Workshop Days 

These days are set aside for you to work on your projects, organize your photos, or pack your FOREVER Boxes. I am here to assist you and you can join us in person or virtually.  Just be sure to register to reserve your space HERE 24 hours in advance as there is a $15 charge for lunch that will be provided.  If you do not want lunch, register and put in NOLUNCH for the code and there will not be a fee.

September 12th from 9am – 3 pm

The Retreat Weekend

September 28 – October 1

Fee: $60 for the entire weekend – register HERE:

Join us at the Hampton Suites and Inn in Bixby, OK off 106th and Memorial as we work on our projects from 10 am Thursday until 4 pm on Sunday.  Feel free to come and go or stay at the hotel. We have a dedicated meeting room with WI-fi.  If you are staying at the hotel you will also have access to the Lifetime Fitness facility across the street.

The Photo Boot Camps are for those of you that have a free Storage Account or own a Storage Account and not using it.  See how easy it is to organize your digital photos once and for all.  Check out the dates below and be sure to register to reserve your spot.Register today HERE.

Photo Boot Camp Class Dates:

  • Basic Photo Boot Camp:  September 11th, Monday at 7pm ET/ 6pm CT
  • Basic Photo Boot Camp: September 14th, Thursday at noon ET/ 11 am CT
  • Advanced Photo Boot Camp:  September 14th, Thursday at 7:30 pm ET/6:30 pm CT
  • Project Photo Boot Camp:  September 25, Monday at 7:30 pm ET/6:30 pm CT

Do you have a FOREVER Storage Account yet? FOREVER Your Digital Home is a class to introduce people to all FOREVER has to offer you and how it can be your HOME for all your photos, videos, documents, or anything you want to be able to store digitally. Invite family or friends or learn more about FOREVER and how it could be the answer to your photo solution needs. This is an educational class to help those that are feeling overwhelmed with their photos and ready to have one home for all their photos, memorabilia, and stories instead of boxes and tubs.  Register today HERE.

Here are class dates for September:

September 18th, Monday at 7:30 pm ET/6:30 pm CT

Register for classes at

Want to share FOREVER with your friends/family – host your own Class!  Just ask me for details!

The Holidays are Around the Corner!

Want to get some fun holiday gift ideas that your family and friends will cherish forever?  I’d like to personally invite you as my guest on September 16th at noon ET/ 11 am CT to our Milestones Virtual Event: Holiday Fun!  Get your FREE Ticket HERE!

How to Secure Your Emails, Photos and Online Accounts Before You Die

I found this podcast on YouTube that had some great information on what happens to your digital footprints after passing away and how to ensure passwords to loved ones after you pass.  Hope you find it helpful and know that with FOREVER your photos will be passed on and your account never deleted.   Listen HERE.

Here is my personal tip – my husband made a list of all the accounts with UN and PW and I saved it as a PDF and was able to upload to my FOREVER account knowing it will be available to me in case of something tragic happening to him and I wouldn’t be left in the dark since he takes care of all that information. It gave me huge peace of mind!

Deals this month:

Here are the current deals and always check the DEALS tab for the most current DEAL!

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