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What’s your preferred summer vacation? Mine is anywhere there is a beach!  The last few vacations have been so easy as I prepared my Storage Account prior to our vacation and I found myself excited to upload my photos into the account and write the stories of our highlights each day. This has made it easier for me to make my photo albums because everything is organized and ready and no more stress about writing the text because I can’t remember.  

I encourage you to give it a try and at the end of the day quickly jot down your description and upload your photos for the day.  You’ll be glad you did!

Here is how I prepared my albums for our Southern Caribbean Disney Cruise and another one for our week in Cancun and now done! We also traveled with friends and made the album a collaborative album so we could put all our photos in one place and we each could use the ones we wanted.  I’ll write more on Collaborative Albums in a future blog post.

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