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Lisa Kirkley

Lisa Kirkley

Photo Solutions Specialist

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Are you ready for peace of mind knowing your photos on your phone are safe, secure, and truly backed up? Not to mention easy to find again. Really, who can find anything on their iCloud?  And remember it’s a backup, not sync so if you delete off your phone it’s off your iCloud. 

Here’s a few tips to get you started.

#1 Get your photos on your camera roll backed up.  It’s the best place to start with organizing.  Start with our app for iOS or Android  – FOREVER Inc – to backup your photos to your FOREVER Storage account. If you don’t have an account, start with a free 2GB account HERE. You can set it to sync to ensure you don’t lose your memories and you’ll be able to access your photos, videos, and documents from any device anywhere. (You may need to add more storage, but remember you own it, pay once and it’s yours to pass on to future generations because it’s guaranteed for your lifetime +100 years.)

#2 Organize your photos into albums and tag your photos

Since your photos will be organized chronologically in your library, I recommend setting up albums by person, group, event, or location.  You can also nest albums within an album, for example you may have an album called TRAVEL, then nested under it would be CRUISES, and under that different cruises you may have taken. You could have another under TRAVEl called DISNEY and under it an album for each park.  

You can also add a photo into as many albums as you want and add as many tags as you would like as well.  Now any moment is truly found with a click. Check out this video to see how easy it is to organize your photos and videos.

#3 Share your special moments

Use the share link to pictures or albums to easily share your photos with friends or family.  You’ll also love the collaborative album feature where you can invite others to share their photos right into your account and/or they can get photos too when you toggle on the collaborative album button.

#4 Print your favorites

Unfortunately in this day and age many children no longer see their photos hanging on the walls of their home. So I encourage you to print a book showcasing them with your words of love and affirmation or a canvas or metal print of your family. Or wrap yourself up in a blanket with a picture of a loved one that has passed.  Here are a few ideas that will take just a minute to make. 

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