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Optimizing Video & Saving Storage Space


Storage? Check. Streaming Video Plan? Check. How can you get the most bang for your buck with both? We’re about to tell you.

You can optimize your videos.

Let’s start with what optimize means: to make the best or most effective use of a situation, opportunity, or resource.

When you purchase a Streaming Video Plan through FOREVER, you have the option to optimize your videos for long-term storage. Optimization often reduces the amount of storage you need to save video files in your FOREVER account.

We optimize your videos by converting your original files to a widely compatible, flexible, sustainable, and efficient file type – the same ones used by leading broadcast media and cable providers (H.264, .mp4, max of 1080p @ 30fps). This is the best format for saving, sharing, and viewing your videos online!

How much space does it save?

The amount of space you can save depends on your original video file! For instance, a video shot in 4K will be much larger than one shot on a DSLR or camcorder. We have found that on average, you can save 60% or more of your storage when you optimize these videos in your Storage Account. “But doesn’t that lower the quality of my videos?” you may ask – well, not necessarily!

Older video files often have lower resolution than our optimized version, meaning your video retains its quality and saves you space. Of course, with 4K, incredibly high-resolution videos, reducing the file size will have an effect on the quality…to a certain extent. Really, this would only be noticeable when downloading your file or trying to use the footage for broadcast purposes – it will still look crisp and clear in your account!

If you are a person who wants to retain the archival version of the video as originally taken and plan to use that video in the future outside of FOREVER, then keep your original. Once you optimize a file, the original will be overwritten. However, since these larger files do not improve your ability to enjoy or share your videos in FOREVER, most people simply do not benefit from keeping them in their FOREVER Account. But the choice is yours.

So, how do I optimize my videos?

It’s easy! There are two ways to optimize the videos in your FOREVER Account.

  • You can optimize videos one at a time by viewing them individually in your account and then clicking the “Optimize” button. If videos were previously optimized, or if no storage would be gained by optimizing the video, then the “Optimize” button will not appear.
  • You can also optimize all videos as they are uploaded to your account by setting that preference on the “Preferences” page under “Account Settings.” Note that when applied, this preference will only apply to videos uploaded to your Account moving forward. It will not optimize videos previously uploaded to your Account, so you’ll have to do that one by one!

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