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October 2023 Newsletter

October 2023 Newsletter        

A Line from Lisa

Wow! Where has 2023 gone? It’s hard to believe that in less than 3 months we will be welcoming 2024 and the holidays will have come and gone!  Have you started making your holiday list?  I’d love to help make this holiday season a little less stressful and easier for you.  I will be holding a few holiday gift making classes where you can learn how to make a gift or two or if you would like me to make them for you I can do that too – just reach out and give me 10 minutes.  Here is a holiday gift list to help you get started and you can check out the beautiful designs and options HERE.

You won’t want to miss seeing the holiday card section below to see how to get a free sample to check out the quality and don’t forget you could send out Thanksgiving or New Year cards instead of holiday cards if that’s too stressful.  I’d appreciate a referral to any businesses you usually receive holiday cards from too. 🙂 It’s a great way to receive a $20 coupon to use towards your next purchase.

Also anyone that may still have an old FOREVER Box for digitization can send it in by the end of the month and get your original discount on any extras you put in the box.  You’ve already paid for the original box, just need to ship it in!  This is your month. Let me know if you have questions as you may also need a new shipping label if it’s been over a year.  I can get that for you!

Finally, don’t miss the article below about AI and steps you can take to protect you and your family’s precious memories and photos and not become a victim of AI.

Hope to see you online or in person at an upcoming event!  


Artificial Intelligence and Keeping Your Photos Safe

When people use your personal photos with AI technology without your consent for malicious purposes, several negative consequences can occur. These include identity theft through impersonation, blackmail, phishing by creating convincing emails or messages to trick you into revealing sensitive data or installing malware, and many other misuses.

To mitigate these risks, it’s crucial to be vigilant about the security and privacy of your personal photos.  Use secure and reputable companies that will keep your photos safe by maintaining strong privacy settings and be cautious about who you share your images with online or with individuals you do not trust.  Additionally, stay informed about emerging AI threats and take steps to protect your digital identity and personal data.

With FOREVER Online Cloud Storage your photos are kept private, triple backed up and encrypted along with regularly maintained for data security. We also give you total control on your privacy settings, defining who can view your photos, and specifying sharing permissions – check out our new Groups in Connections allowing you even more privacy. 

If you are storing your photos on an external hard drive you will want to be sure you keep that in a safe location as well.  But it’s a great way to backup your photos offline and you can keep your current Storage organization from FOREVER by using Valet to download your photos to an external hard drive.  

By following these steps, you can keep your photos safe, ensuring that your treasured memories remain protected and accessible only to those you trust. If you have questions or need assistance, please reach out.

Client Events

Make note and check out all events here.  Most events are both virtual and some are in person if you live close to me or virtually if not.  Just register to have your spot reserved or to receive the zoom link.  All dates and times can be seen on the Events page of my website and it is kept updated. 

Studio & Workshop Days 

These days are set aside for you to work on your projects, organize your photos, or pack your FOREVER Boxes. I am here to assist you and you can join us in person or virtually.  Just be sure to register to reserve your space HERE 24 hours in advance as there is a fee which includes lunch that will be provided.  If you do not want lunch, register and put in NOLUNCH for the code and there will not be a fee.

October 10 at 9 am – 3 pm Studio Day – free

October 27th 9 am – 9 pm  $15 for lunch and $15 for dinner

October 28 9am – 5 pm $15 for lunch

The Photo Boot Camps are for those of you that have a free Storage Account or own a Storage Account and not using it.  See how easy it is to organize your digital photos once and for all.  Check out the dates below and be sure to register to reserve your spot.Register today HERE.

Photo Boot Camp Class Dates:

  • Basic Photo Boot Camp:  October 9 @ 6 pm CT/ 7pm ET or October 16 @ 1 pm CT/ 2pm ET
  • Advanced Photo Boot Camp:  October 16 @ 6 pm CT/ 7 pm ET
  • Project Photo Boot Camp: October 30 @ 6 pm Ct/ 7 pm ET

Do you have a FOREVER Storage Account yet? FOREVER Your Digital Home is a class to introduce people to all FOREVER has to offer you and how it can be your HOME for all your photos, videos, documents, or anything you want to be able to store digitally. Invite family or friends or learn more about FOREVER and how it could be the answer to your photo solution needs. This is an educational class to help those that are feeling overwhelmed with their photos and ready to have one home for all their photos, memorabilia, and stories instead of boxes and tubs.  Register today HERE.

Here are class dates:

October 17 at 7pm CT/ 8pm ET

October 23 at 7pm CT/ 8pm ET

Want to share FOREVER with your friends/family – host your own Class!  Just ask me for details!


Foil Holiday Cards have been added to our beautiful photo card collection just in time for the holidays. Your cards will shine with your choice of gold or silver raised foil which adds a raised embossed texture to your card giving it an elevated premium finish. All cards are made with recyclable materials too.  

But what makes our cards extra special are all the ways you can personalize them with design colors, trim corners… AND the Address Book! You can now easily organize & customize your contacts however you want and store and save all your important addresses in one place.  This will make sending cards easier than ever when they arrive already pre addressed and ready for the stamp. 

But what really will make your card stand out is the ability to add video to your card or a video message with our QR Code.  It’s so easy and fun to add to your cards.  Check out the video HERE and watch me create a QR code for a card.

We have all the holidays covered along with Wedding and Save the Date cards too.  I’ll be sending out a Thanksgiving card. So if you’d like a sample card to see and feel the beauty of our cards, just text or message me your address and I’ll get one sent to you.

Holiday Gift Giving:

If you missed the Holiday Fun Milestones event – here is the link to the video to get some great holiday gift ideas!

And you can follow along using our Holiday Mini Catalog HERE

Deals this month:

Here are the current deals and always check the DEALS tab for the most current DEAL!  Most codes this month are FALL23

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