New Year’s Resolution Part 2

Lisa Kirkley

Lisa Kirkley

Photo Solutions Specialist

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Let’s talk about digital photo organization.  It is a different animal in the sense that you have probably many more photos that you’ve captured digitally.  I know I do.  But they can be easy to get a handle on with your FOREVER Account.  

  1. Gather all your digital camera cards, flash drives, external hard drives, and computer(s).
  2. Upload all your photos either directly to your storage account or into our desktop software, Historian, which allows you to sort, tag, edit, and more your photos to help you select just your best photos to put into storage.  This is not a permanent storage place.
  3. If you’ve used Historian software, upload your photos you decided to use into your FOREVER account. If you already uploaded, go through deleting and keeping your most favorite photos, the ones you would not ever want to lose, delete the blurry and others you do not want.  They will go in your delete bin and you have 60 days to reclaim or you can delete everything you put in the delete bin before the 60 days to free up your space.
  4. Decide how you want to organize your photos.  You can organize by event, person, or holiday.  The library sorts the photos chronologically, but some people want to organize that way by year.  Personally, I have found it much easier to sort by person and event.  For example, when I’m looking for the photos from Hawaii, I can’t remember what year that was, but I look in my Travel album and nested under that  is the Hawaii Album and  all my Hawaii pictures.  
  5. Set up your Albums. Set your privacy settings. Public (anyone can search and find); Friends & Family (those you’ve given permission to or invited to be a Friend & Family); or Private (no one but you and your Account Managers can see)
  6. Check out this video where I will share how to use your FOREVER Storage Account and see all the things you can do with it including editing photos, writing the stories, and sharing with friends and family.
  7. If you want help or need accountability for your project, reach out or join in on a virtual or live workshop each month.  Check out the dates here or set up a complimentary consultation here.

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