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May 2023 Client Newsletter

May 2023 Client Newsletter        

A Line from Lisa

We had over 80 people join in the Photo Bootcamp Class last month and we decided to make it a party and continue with a few different options in May.  Those that attended the Photo Bootcamp Class or feel comfortable uploading their photos into storage you may want to join us for Photo Bootcamp 2.0 on May 25th at 7 – 8 pm CT.  This class will go over the editing of the photos, Historian workflow, use of our new Valet, and creating projects with AutoPrint.

Those that are still not sure what value you have in owning your FOREVER Storage you’ll want to join us for our next Photo Bootcamp to get ideas on how you can upload your photos so they are safe, easily organize them into Albums, and share or create collaborative albums. This will be held on May 9th at 7pm CT.  Then you can attend the Photo Bootcamp 2.0 on the 25th.  You’ll be glad you invested some time to use your Storage Account!

If you want to party this summer and share with your friends, let me know and we can do a class with your friends.  You will receive $20 for each new friend you introduce to me that makes a purchase and we will give each person the opportunity to create a simple photo gift at your class.  First two people that book by June will receive a bonus $25 gift certificate!


Photo Tip:

Decluttering Your Camera Roll using your FOREVER Storage Account

Here are a few tips to decluttering your camera roll on your phone:

  1.  Start with your oldest photos and pick a year or a month if you take tons of photos, and start deleting photos.  It’s easier to work in segments (months or years). You will find photos you no longer find valuable or photos you didn’t even remember taking.  Delete these and then you will have left the photos that are most important.
  2. Create albums for these photos to go into.  I prefer to do this actually in my FOREVER Storage Account.  I have determined an album structure and then I sync my phone with my storage account and drag those photos into their appropriate album.
  3. Stop taking so many screenshots, they accumulate quickly and let’s face it most of them could be found again with a quick internet search.  If it’s important it stays on the roll and uploaded into an album. My favorite recipes however, go into my Recipe Album so I can easily find that special recipe to try.
  4. Create an album for Friends and share those special photos of them with the Share Link in your FOREVER storage.  They can download the photos if they’d like and if you’re done with them you can delete that album if you desire.
  5. Bottom line, keep your FOREVER storage account cleaned up and sync with your phone. Then delete all the photos from your phone and just use the FOREVER app to view all your photos and videos!

Client Spotlight

Shonna Kukula

It’s been so fun to have Shonna join us virtually on workshops as she has worked on her albums and to brainstorm with her to make her son’s graduation extra special! She already has a head start on her other children when they graduate! Way to go and congratulations Shonna for being Client of the Month!  Your $25 Gift Certificate is on its way!

Here’s what Shonna had to say on her Google Review:

“Lisa has been so helpful in getting my photos organized in my Forever storage account, and then teaching me how to use those organized photos to do digital power layouts using the Artisan software. Thanks to her help these past months, I’m well on my way to completing my son’s high school album, which I’ve been putting off starting for almost four years! She’s also given me some really great ideas for his graduation party. Thanks for all of your help and encouragement, Lisa!”

I appreciate any and all Google Reviews and I’d appreciate it if you would add yours at Google Review  – you may be next month’s Client of the Month!


Make note and check out all events here.  Most events are both virtual and in person if you live close to me or virtually if not.  Just register to have your spot reserved or to receive the zoom link.

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