June 2023 client newsletter

June 2023 Client Newsletter

A Line from Lisa

Summer vacations begin!   

Here are a couple of tips that you may find helpful to insuring your trip documents and photos:

  1. Make sure to set up a private (meaning only you can view it) album. Title it Important Docs. Take photos of any and all travel items that you would need should your wallet get lost or stolen. These can include your passport, drivers license, medical, dental, vision cards/ information, COVID immunization card, credit cards, prescriptions and even screenshots of travel documents and plans.

It will be much better to be prepared and not need it, than need it and wish you had been prepared. A traveler shared that while he was in Rome his wallet and passport were stolen and how hard it was to get out of Italy. If he had had his documents in his FOREVER account, he would have been spared a lot of time and expense!

  1. Another tip is to set up your Album for your trip before you leave and each evening upload your photos into your album and also take a moment and in the description add your thoughts and notes of the day’s experiences and places visited.  You’ll think you’ll remember, but like myself I’ve forgotten within the week of many things.  I love to already have the stories and little things that happened recorded in the description. Then when I’m ready to make a book of our travels it just takes minutes because everything is already in one place.

Enjoy your summer and any vacations.  Also don’t forget the collaborative album feature to allow everyone on your trip to share photos and videos.


Photo Tip: 10 Tips for Recording Better Video with Your Smartphone

This is a great article with some great tips to help you take better videos with your Smartphone.  Hope you enjoy!


How to create Albums and Nested Albums in Your Storage Account

Want to know how to organize your Storage account?  Click here to view a video that will show you how to create Albums and organize your storage account using Albums and Nested Albums.

June Client Spotlight

Diane Karnuth

Congratulations to our June Client of the Month! 

Here is what Diane has to say after using Photo Solutions Forever for her photo organizing and digitization:

My life is changing as I move into the electronic change with digital scrapbooking. I have peace of mind that our photos and stories are safe forever. It’s easy to learn and intuitive to use the Storage. Lisa is selfless and always willing to help.”

Congratulations on your $25 gift certificate.

I appreciate any and all Google Reviews and I’d appreciate it if you would add yours at Google Review  – you may be next month’s Client of the Month!


Make note and check out all events here.  Most events are both virtual and in person if you live close to me or virtually if not.  Just register to have your spot reserved or to receive the zoom link.  All dates and times can be seen on the events page of my website www.photosolutionsforever.com and it is kept updated.

Deals this month:

Watch for 24 hour flash deals starting June 5 – 19th!

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