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Lisa Kirkley

Lisa Kirkley

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Do you love FOREVER products?  If so, I want to make sure you know about our Refer a Friend program.  Simply by sharing with your friends you have an opportunity to earn a $20 coupon when you gift your friends FOREVER!  Simply use the Refer a Friend link and invite them to try FOREVER or better yet, invite them to gather together for a Sip & Share – a few light refreshments and me!  I will share what FOREVER offers and how it can help them – no sales pitch; they get a free 2 GB storage account and $20 coupon. Once they make a purchase you will receive your $20 coupon and you can stack three coupons at a time towards your next purchase.  My last host received over $160 in coupons and a few bonus gifts too!  I’d love to spoil you if you love FOREVER and would like to share with your friends.  This can be virtual or in-person if local.   I promise your friends will thank you for sharing!

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