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Lisa Kirkley

Lisa Kirkley

Photo Solutions Specialist

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I love nothing more than to help others with organizing their photo collections and seeing a photo project completed.  I am hosting several opportunities each month for you to set aside that time to do just that. No more excuses.  Time for a new year’s goal!  Why not commit this year to getting your photos and stories written down. Start with this year and then you won’t be behind when 2024 rolls around.  If you never start, you’ll always be behind. out the dates and times HERE. Just register to attend whether in person or virtually.  I am excited about inviting those of you that don’t live near me to participate and get the same opportunity of having that accountability and fellowship.  I’ve set up a studio and camera so we can all see each other and participate.  It will be like you’re in the room with us.  You will be able to see any training I do and also be eligible for any deals or drawings.  So what are you waiting for? 
Look at the fun we had at our last workshop and I do believe we brought in the new year right,  sharing stories and photos!

Happy New Year!

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