2023 Graduation Gift Ideas

Graduation Gift Ideas

Can you believe in just a few short months many young adults will be graduating from high school and college?  Are you the parent or friend of one?  I can’t wait to share some great graduation gift ideas that can be completed quickly to celebrate your graduate.  

It’s been a few years back, but both of my girls loved the special album I put together of them with photos of their growing up and the letters of congratulations and encouragement that were included from family members and friends at the back of the book. They took these books with them and kept the memories of their childhood with them when they left home and the knowledge they are always loved no matter how far away they may be.  My grandchildren have now graduated high school and they have loved the special gifts as did their parents to celebrate this accomplishment.  Join me for a special class on March 9th at 6:30 pm as I share ideas to celebrate your grad.  If you’re unable to make it, reach out and I”d be more than glad to help you make this a special celebration for your family.  

Here are just a few ideas of things that can be created quickly:  

Photo Book of Senior Pics

Tabletop Panel


School Announcements, Party Invites, and Thank You Cards

Party Decor – Posters, Coasters, Tablecloth/blanket

Photo Solutions

Photo Organizing

Photo Digitizing

Photo Gifts

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