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I have been going through piles of paperwork and old photos that have been passed on to me as our family historian and it can be overwhelming at times to be honest.  I want to get my own family photos all organized and albums completed. But I know if I don’t take a few minutes each month and tell the stories I have been told and record with the scanned photos these may be lost forever.  As I began working on my family history I came to some roadblocks and so I reached out to the Family Research Services and hired them to help.  It was amazing the work they did and helped me to find the people I knew nothing about.  I was encouraged to do my DNA and I did that and it opened up a whole new world!  A word of caution here, be prepared for what you may find out.  Yes, I was surprised, but I am loving the sleuthing and surprises that lie around the corner.  

If you’re not sure where to start, you can start with a one hour consultation and they can let you know how they can help you.  I have been working with them for over 6 months and they have verified many records and found many people that I would have never known about. I was actually working on the wrong tree and so they helped me turn around and not waste my time.  Who knew?    So check it out HERE.

Another thing I think all family historians, genealogists, and family storytellers should check out is the free virtual Family History Event on February 25th at 12 – 3 pm ET. The event is free and will be recorded if you’re not able to attend live you will receive the recording.  You will need to register HERE to receive the virtual information and/or recording.  It will be our 3rd annual event and I always love what I learn to help me in preserving my stories.  Won’t you join me?           

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