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Do you enjoy looking at photos of your ancestors or tracking your genealogy?  It’s something I picked up several years ago.  However, I had no idea what skeletons I would find in my family tree closets.  LOL!  I did my DNA and have been working with FOREVER’s Family Research Team for a couple of years off and on.  We started with my father’s side as I knew little about his grandparents.  They quickly found not only who my great grandparents were, but photos and some pretty incredible stories as well.  Fast forward as we are doing the research, I find out this man who raised me is not my biological father.  (FYI this happens more than we might imagine)  Anyway, now I’m on the search through DNA matches to find my biological father.  It took several months but with the diligence of our Research Team they were able to give me the information I needed to locate my biological dad. Amazing!  Not only that, we were able to locate my grandfather who was also not matching my DNA.  My family chart is now complete 5 generations with the exception of one couple that I am sure will be found quickly with our Team!

If you are looking for a lost relative, have a hole in your pedigree chart, or need research done in another country, have a consultation with our TEAM, I think you’ll be glad you did! I know I was and looking forward to meeting my biological father who didn’t even know I existed!

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