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Keep in mind when digitizing that a digital scan is only as good as the original image from which it is taken.  The larger the image the better the scan.  The most important factor is the number of pixels you scan as the larger the number the more detail will be captured.  These are measured in what is called DPI, dots per inch. When scanning a larger item 300 DPI would be sufficient, but a smaller scanned item 600 DPI would be recommended. When using a digital camera, the size of the camera’s sensor will determine how large the image will be.  So you may want to check your camera setting to be sure you have it set appropriately.

If you’re wanting a professional to scan and/or digitize old media (slides, negatives, videos, tapes, reel to reel, or audio tapes) then check out more information here.

You will find we are a step above the rest because we take very possible step to ensure the highest quality digitization and offer the world’s first permanent digital home for your family memories. 

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