Photo Tip

Photo Tips

Can you find that one specific photo you’ve been looking for?  If not, I encourage you to take 15 minutes before bed to tag or put your photos in albums.  I love my FOREVER Storage account and using my app to work on organizing my photos when I find myself with just a few minutes, […]

Digitizing Tip

Digitization services

Keep in mind when digitizing that a digital scan is only as good as the original image from which it is taken.  The larger the image the better the scan.  The most important factor is the number of pixels you scan as the larger the number the more detail will be captured.  These are measured […]

Furry Friends FOREVER

Furry friends in a photo

I can’t wait to meet your furry friends and hear your stories of adventure with them.  Join me on March 27 for a virtual gift making class where you can create a wonderful project with photos of your favorite furry friend(s). Just register HERE.  If you are a new customer to FOREVER I will even […]

Graduation Gift Ideas

2023 Graduation Gift Ideas

Can you believe in just a few short months many young adults will be graduating from high school and college?  Are you the parent or friend of one?  I can’t wait to share some great graduation gift ideas that can be completed quickly to celebrate your graduate.   It’s been a few years back, but both […]

It’s Not Fair to Not Share

FOREVER woman sharing

Do you love FOREVER products?  If so, I want to make sure you know about our Refer a Friend program.  Simply by sharing with your friends you have an opportunity to earn a $20 coupon when you gift your friends FOREVER!  Simply use the Refer a Friend link and invite them to try FOREVER or […]

Calling All Pet Owners!


You will want to join us on March 11 to join the Milestone Moments event virtually at noon ET/11 am CT. Just register HERE . It’s free and you will learn how to make your furry friends the Star of the Show, not that they aren’t already. 😉  The event will be recorded if you’re […]

Are Your Photos Really Safe?

The last few months have brought many notices to consumers like you and me from big companies like Costco, Walmart, Shutterfly, and more that they are not going to save your photos without a purchase.  Here is a great blog post from FOREVER’s CEO regarding the move of companies that are deleting family’s photos. If […]

I’m In Love!

happy valentines day

Yes, I’m in love with my FOREVER Storage Account and the opportunity to help many others with their photos.  It is my passion!  Why?  Because I love knowing that each photo in my account is protected, safe and secure.  I also love knowing my client’s families have the same opportunity to enjoy their photos and […]

A New Career in a New Industry

Intro to FOREVER Book Memes-26

Are you or someone you know looking for a new career?  I’d like to introduce my career as a photo solution specialist.  Most people are not sure what this is and it is a pretty new career and industry.  Photographs have been around forever, but since digital, we have more photos and videos than ever.  […]

February 2023 Client Newsletter

Line from Lisa I hope this finds you warm and cuddled up hopefully in one of our wonderful new fleece or sherpa blankets!  I love mine and so does my fur baby. She even huffs at me if I don’t have it put over me so she can lay down and cuddle on it with […]