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August 2023 Client Newsletter

A Line from Lisa

Have you checked out my website, or more importantly my blog?  There are lots of great ideas and photography tips added every month.  Just go to and check out the back to school ideas.

You also won’t want to miss out on the extra special deal to getting all your old media digitized with ordering the large FOREVER Box at 45% off!  Add your FOREVER CLUB discount and that’s an additional 5% savings.  Not sure what CLUB is? Check it out here!

Also be sure you are following me on Facebook at where you can stay up to date on all that is happening, gift ideas, photo tips, and more!  I hope you will find this month’s back to school photo safety helpful as we protect our little ones.

Also I hope you’re planning on joining me for the weekend retreat to work on our photo projects the end of September. See the details below and also if you want to cruise with me in January deposits will be due by the end of August. Check it out!  It’s a blast to crop and sail with friends!

Lastly, I am excited to announce my partnership with The Demand Project. It is an amazing organization that is in the fight to end human trafficking.  They are about the prevention, protection, recovery, and restoration of those that have been trafficked.  I had the privilege of working with several of the girls creating their own photo books for them to remind them that God is not done writing their story.  If you would like to donate to allow them to continue to write their own stories and books or make photo gifts, please let me know.  I will be donating a portion of all my sales this month to this project, but plan to hear more and check it out online.


My Current Photo Project: WiFi Board

I love having this tabletop panel for my guests to easily be able to join our wifi network.   Add it with a dry erase pen from the dollar store and you’ve got a great gift too.  These are great to add to your kitchen or guest room. If you own a business they are great to have there too.  Just click HERE to order yours.

Back to School Photo Safety:

Here is an important reminder for parents as school is about to begin.  You want to be cautious about what information you share online, especially when posting back-to-school photos of your children. While it’s natural to want to share such milestones with friends and family, it’s crucial to be mindful of the potential risks associated with sharing personal information on the internet.

Posting back-to-school photos with details like your child’s school name, grade, age, and other identifying features can inadvertently provide information that could be exploited by predators or scammers. Even with privacy settings in place and a limited circle of friends, there’s always a chance that information may be seen by unintended parties.

To ensure the safety and privacy of your children, parents should consider the following tips when sharing back-to-school photos or any other personal information online:

  • Avoid sharing specific school names or locations: Instead of mentioning the school’s name, consider using more general terms like “elementary school” or “middle school.”
  • Blur or omit identifying features: Conceal any identifying features or information that could potentially be used to track or locate the child.
  • Review privacy settings: Double-check your privacy settings on social media platforms and make sure you are comfortable with who can see your posts.
  • Be mindful of captions: Avoid providing too much personal information in the caption accompanying the photo.
  • Share privately: If you want to share the photos with close friends and family, consider using private messaging or a secure sharing platform instead of public social media posts like FOREVER.

By following these guidelines, parents can still enjoy sharing their children’s milestones with their loved ones while keeping their privacy and safety in mind.


We changed our branding colors to the darker blue and so we have some extra large boxes to sell and you get to save more!  While supplies last!

Client Events

Make note and check out all events here.  Most events are both virtual and some are in person if you live close to me or virtually if not.  Just register to have your spot reserved or to receive the zoom link.  All dates and times can be seen on the Events page of my website and it is kept updated.

Studio & Workshop Days 

These days are set aside for you to work on your projects, organize your photos, or pack your FOREVER Boxes. I am here to assist you and you can join us in person or virtually.  Just be sure to register to reserve your space HERE

August 1st, Tuesday 9am – 3pm

August 19th, Saturday 9am – 5 pm

The Photo Boot Camps are for those of you that have a free Storage Account or own a Storage Account and not using it.  See how easy it is to organize your digital photos once and for all. 

FOREVER Your Digital Home is a class to introduce people to all FOREVER has to offer you and how it can be your HOME for all your photos, videos, documents, or anything you want to be able to store digitally. Invite family or friends or learn more about FOREVER and how it could be the answer to your photo solution needs. 

Here are class dates for August:

August 10th – Bootcamp 1.0 at 2 pm ET

August 21st – Bootcamp 2.0 at 7:30 pm ET

August 29th – FOREVER Your Digital Home Class at 8 pm ET

August 14th – Bootcamp 1.0 at 7 pm ET

August 28th – Bootcamp 3.0 at 7:30 pm ET

August 10th – FOREVER Your Digital Home Class at noon ET

Register for classes at

For those that love a retreat, you can join me and our p2P Pixie and Trainer, Mary Browder in Tulsa at the Hampton Inn & Suites for 4 days to work on your photo projects.

Click HERE to register or check out details.

If you don’t want to work on Artisan software you can join us for ½ price and work on your organizing photo project.  Contact me for the ½ price code before registering.

Product Spotlight:

Just Released – Planner Notebooks

Personalize a notebook with Daily, Weekly, Month/Week options and more.  Great for a teacher planner or personalize it for your student or yourself.  You can begin the planner on the dates of your choice. Check out this video!


Holidays are around the corner

Want to get some fun holiday gift ideas that your family and friends will cherish forever?  I’d like to personally invite you as my guest on September 16th at noon ET/ 11 am CT to our Milestones Virtual Event: Holiday Fun!  Get your FREE Ticket HERE!

New Ornament Designs coming – retiring designs available through 8/31/23

Deals this month:

Here are the current deals and more deals will be added on August 13th – so check the DEALS tab!

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