Are Your Photos Really Safe?

The last few months have brought many notices to consumers like you and me from big companies like Costco, Walmart, Shutterfly, and more that they are not going to save your photos without a purchase.  Here is a great blog post from FOREVER’s CEO regarding the move of companies that are deleting family’s photos.

If you want to know that your photos are safe and sound once and for all and can easily be shared with others, I would encourage you to try out our cloud Storage Account.  I’d like to offer you a free temporary 2 GB account HERE to try it out and once you see how easy it is to organize,view, and upload your photos from any device you’ll want to add more permanent storage knowing your photos will be safe and sound HERE.  FOREVER Storage is like insurance for your photos.  It is the only full-resolution online storage guaranteed for your lifetime plus 100 years and you pay once and own it – able to pass on to future generations.  If you want to see all the benefits of using FOREVER storage or you are already a Storage owner then check this video out.  

Don’t wait until it’s too late and your children’s and grandchildren’s photos become a casualty of the digital dark ages. I’m here to help too!

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