Your Story Matters!

Do you really want someone else to tell your story? Why not take a few minutes and create a beautiful book showcasing your life and/or interview an older family member and create a special legacy book for them? These make great gifts for the entire family to enjoy.

To help you get this done, especially if you don’t like to write, I’ll hold 3 sessions to help you complete your book.

What we do...

Take your photo mess and make it organized!

Photo Solutions Forever helps people:

  • digitize their vintage media
  • upload their photo files to a permanent online storage cloud
  • create beautiful photo products for special events
  • connect with a community of memory-loving friends
  • assist with family history
  • organize their boxes of photos and memorabilia
  • provide digital scrapbooking classes and workshops

We also provide personalized services:

  • to help you with organizing your personal photo collection
  • telling and writing your story or a family member’s story

Whether you are downsizing, have inherited the family photos, or just want to find that one picture in your thousands of digital photos I can help!

Here's What Our Clients Say!

Mary Jo Jared
Mary Jo Jared
Lisa has been most helpful in digitizing my reel to reels and helping me organize my photo storage. I also participate in digital scrapbooking! I love attending her workshops for help and ideas and fun! She is very knowledgeable and will take good care of you! Her training is awesome as well! You can tell that she LOVES what she does!
janet jabieski
janet jabieski
I have never had such an attentive ambassador as Lisa. When I have question I rarely have to wait mote than half an hour for the solution, I either get a phone call or an email to resolve the issue. I also enjoy her virtual classes which are very informative and if I can't make the class she will send me the recording. I have learned so much more about Forever since she has been my ambassador.
Terri Goddard
Terri Goddard
Lisa Kirkley cares and is willing to help in anyway. She offers workshops and keeps in touch. Thank you Lisa!
Jeanien Rutherford
Jeanien Rutherford
Lisa is always available to help me out when I need it!
Ruth Seefeldt
Ruth Seefeldt
Lisa is fabulously patient and fun! Curating decades worth of photos can get tedious and difficult to feel like you are making progress, but she keeps me motivated and provides tips and hints to speed up the process while keeping the quality. also makes creating digital scrapbooks both easy and flexible so I have many options when gifting my family with photos of our ancestry. Lisa always has great ideas on how to create items that are perfect for each occasion.
Linda Ferraro
Linda Ferraro
Lisa Kirkley of Photo Solutions Forever is very knowledgeable of the Forever products, and she has been a tremendous help to me on several occasions. Lisa is quick to respond to my questions and spends time with me until all my questions are answered. She has also taught me new or better ways of doing things of which I had been totally unaware and has inspired me to get much more out of the products than I had previously.
Karen Keithline
Karen Keithline
Lisa Kirkley is an amazing teacher with her Photo Solutions Forever. There are many different layers, designs, techniques and components to each page of a scrapbook. Every time I don't understand how to do something with my scrapbook page or even computer settings Lisa is always there to help, guide and lead me to the right conclusion that is needed for the end result that is a gorgeous scrapbook. She is so very patient when I have asked her to show me some of the same procedures over again. She loves and is very passionate about helping people with their scrapbooks and all their family photo memories. I would highly and emphatically recommend Lisa Kirkley Photo Solutions Forever to anyone who wants to save their precious family memories.

Ready to get organized?

What We Offer

Cloud Storage

Upload photos and videos to your private storage account.

Photo Gifts

Add personal photos for that special personalized gift.


Digitize, convert, and restore old media.

FOREVER box materials

Services & Classes

Photo scanning, family research, and studio time to help you.

old media forms
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Here to Help

Hello, I'm Lisa Kirkley

I am the owner of Photo Solutions Forever, helping you protect your family stories is one of my greatest passions. I have loved taking photos from the time my grandfather gifted me with a Brownie camera -which is an antique now! My career began over 30 years ago when my hobby became my business! I’d love to help you with organizing your photos, telling your stories, or creating gifts from the heart.  I also have scanning, digital conversion, and family history services as well!

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